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Submitted 2011-06-06 by Abraxas, original author: Copyright (C) 1996 id Software, inc.



The ssg, sng and rl are red - they are 'super'-versions of the sg / ng / gl. There is an icon for a red super-lightning gun in the Qtest wad as well. This may explain why the Quake lg icon is double the width of the other weapon icons? The Qtest lg icon is simply a nailgun with a 'electric spark' on it.

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sigboy.vaultiz (2011-06-14)

yeah 1998 and so i have own gfx and that all these look very nice but my weapons was use yellow and unuesed red and i deleted the boarders also only the weapons and the shilds was the same

Abraxas (2011-06-16)

Yeah I thought it looked better without the frames, so I removed them. The 'super-lg' had a red spark - I used that for the inactive shaft icon, and the yellow one for active, to match the numbers

Abraxas (2011-06-16)

(The version without frames are here: http://gfx.quakeworld.nu/details/378/qtest-weapons-no-frames/)

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