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Submitted 2009-10-10 by _KaszpiR_, original author: unknown



Title: Color Bugs
Type: Charset 256x256

Author: Michal Sochon
Nickname: _KaszpiR_
Contact: or _KaszpiR_ @ quakenet

Date: 2009.10.10, 01:07
Version: 1.0
License: Creative Commons

Format: Mixed, png, windows bitmap, Adobe Photoshop CS4 .psd files.

I use 1680x1050 (widescreen) with vid_conwidth 840 and vid_conheight 525
Based on charset Bugs3 (Bugs-05) which
AFAIK was done by Bugsy. All credits goes to his work that was the basis fo my
color adjustments - I thought this font is really nice, smooth and well
Notice that colors are tweked for my color needs - so your experience may vary
depending on the console background and in game textures and so on.

I provide source .psd I used, maybe someone will want to alter it.

Download .zip (103 kb)

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anonymous (2009-10-10)

Way to much green.

_KaszpiR_ (2009-10-10)

try with vid_hwgammacontrol 0 and cecrease gl_contrast and brightness

Stev (2009-10-10)

Great to see someone contributing to this site. Nice job!

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