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Submitted 2007-06-15 by PrimeviL (updated 2007-08-26), original author: OriOn



A bolt remix

  • A fresh and fun shaft "fx"
  • As always, check the readme.

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There are 4 comments on this item.

MatriX (2007-07-07)

If modified models arent allowed whats the point?

ParadokS (2007-07-09)

perhaps give inspiration to other artists making bolt models that might become legal =)
modified models are only disallowed because they give advantage to a player. for example thin shaft gives you a better view in inifghts, but this model dosen't. with all the customization going on, also in regards to weapon models, it's nice to have some more legal alternatives to chose from.

PrimeviL (2007-07-15)

Yay, u're right !

Serathol (2007-08-14)

Illegal shaft models? What the fuck. It doesn't give any disadvantages to the other players at all. You just have to pay attention to the crosshair, not the bolt of lighting. Any real player can do that.

If I were to say what gives a disadvantage it'd be those blasted bright/dark skins. The former reveals a player's position way too easily and thus takes away the guesswork, while the latter makes trying to track them within a dark environment unfair as they'd be almost completely invisible.

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