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General information

Submitted 2022-12-26 by _KaszpiR_ (updated 2022-12-26), original author: PrimeviL



Title: Steel Shotguns
Type: Texture

Author: Michal Sochon
Nickname: `_KaszpiR_`
Contact: or _KaszpiR_ @ quakenet / Discord

Date: 2022.12.26, 13:00
Version: 1.0
License: Creative Commons

Format: Mixed, png, Adobe Photoshop .psd files.

# Changelog

## 1.0

- initial release

# Notes

Steel shotguns, so that they are in color sync with other textures I did over 10 years ago.

- Shotgun - just a bit more blueish barrel.
- Super Shotgun - a bit more colors added and texture from the encrusted axe I once did.
3D skin quality is sad if you are close to the weapon.

# Installation

- extract the zip
- put contents of `qw/` directory in the same place as your `qw/` dir, for example `~/nquake/qw/`
- `src/` directory is optional, only if you want to edit files.

# Credits

Base skin by PrimeviL.

Download .zip (6552 kb)

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