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Submitted 2007-06-03 by lfx (updated 2007-07-31), original author: para



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mushi (2007-06-03)

i 1st used a crosshair like this back in 2000 or something... Paradoks sent me his gfx.wad at the time ;) and i liked it alot

sailorman (2007-06-04)

doesnt work for me.

mushi (2007-06-04)

"file is of unknown format or DAMAGED".

upload again plz

nas (2007-06-05)

ye, this is paradoks "old?" crosshair, i got them in every color already and ive had them since 98? =)... im using a yellow version of it.. love it

blasphemer (2007-06-05)

true, the .zip file doesnt work

racersnigeln (2007-06-05)


plate (2007-06-07)

Reupload i need this one :)

HAL.flost (2007-07-04)

I have asked lfx to reupload , so lets hope he do it ,or delete this post at all :K

icee (2007-07-12)

i want it too :d would be nice to see it reuploaded.

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