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Submitted 2012-03-04 by Defcon 5 (updated 2012-03-31)



A mix of Quake3 and Quakeworld Sounds, which makes the game a bit less exhausting to hear in long terms.

Download .zip (6904 kb)

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foogs (2012-03-16)

corrupted zip file you need to reupload this

prophet (2012-03-27)

Why not just make a pak2.pak with only your mods in it? It would make this download a lot smaller :-)

Defcon 5 (2012-03-31)

I reuploaded it, i hope it works now!

ddk (2012-04-04)

This stuff isn't allowed in the leagues though I think?

Defcon 5 (2012-04-09)

Hi, officially its not, but I use it for Spectating. Sounds are more relaxing imo.

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