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Submitted 2007-05-31 by PrimeviL (updated 2007-05-31)



  • This skyboxe "hig resolution" (512x512) come from Doom3 mod (Shambler's castle) and dunno who has made it.
  • Just unzip to qw/env and set r_skyname "purple_chaos_" in your cfg.
  • Adapted and renamed for QuakeWorld by me

Download .zip (1564 kb)

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cowgod (2007-06-28)

looks very nice, good work.

purplehaze (2007-08-18)


Logitellect (2007-12-21)

Its a modified version of the skybox from Doom 3's hell levels (changed from red to purple.) Glad to see someone extracted it though : )

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