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Submitted 2010-12-11 by foogs



// Foogs HUD Instructions and Information
// |
// Current release: Dec 8, 2010
// First release: Dec 4, 2010


1. Extract to your Quake folder.
2. Type exec foogs_hud.cfg

1. Open foogs_wad.pk3
2. Extract "textures" folder to your "C:Quakeqw" folder
3. Extract "foogs_hud.cfg" to your "C:Quakeqw" folder
4. Type exec foogs_hud.cfg


- /qw/foogs_hud.pk3 //CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING:
- /textures/wad/*

The wad numbers were originally just defs found here: I just edited the number so they are just flat white and flat red.
The ammo/gun/powerups/armor icons of the hud are all created by Primevil: Although I will say I had to use some of those files to create sb_rocket / cells / nails / shells because he didn't include those at the time of this writing. net.png came from def's setup as far as i can tell.

Charset is graybugs available on this site under charsets section

Download .zip (102 kb)

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