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Submitted 2010-04-23 by d4rin (updated 2010-04-28)



NOTE: I had to re-upload this because the conwidth & height the hud was using was causing a video corruption for some reason when bloom was enabled. It now works just fine with the settings below.

This is a custom HUD I created. It took me awhile to adjust everything perfectly for the conwidth & height, I am pretty fussy :).

This HUD is to be used with:

vid_conwidth "616"
vid_conheight "372"

Although, you can still use different conheight & width and move everything around again if you wish.

You can read the .cfg file for more info on how to adjust, and where things are located.

This hud can/will show the following:

-ping display
-team frags
-game clock
-teaminfo table

Download .zip (3 kb)

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