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Submitted 2010-04-17 by _KaszpiR_ (updated 2010-04-19), original author: Plague and PrimeviL



Title: Steel Rocket Launcher
Type: Textures for Model
Size: big, that's what she said :D

Author: Michal Sochon
Nickname: _KaszpiR_
Contact: or _KaszpiR_ @ quakenet

Date: 2010.04.19, 20:43
Version: 1.0
License: Creative Commons

Format: Mixed, tga, Adobe Photoshop CS4 .psd files.


Someone said he wanted steel weapons, not the bronze. So a little tweak in Photoshop
and here it is. Found it at HDD after long time.

Install - copy the 'quake' folder contents to your Quake install dir, doh. For some users it works if tyou put it in ezquake and not qw dir.
One more note, force quake to load TGA files (ask on forums or irc, but AFAIR it should do it by default)

I provide source .psd I used, maybe someone will want to alter it.

Tested on ezquake.

Credits goes to Plague and PrimeviL for original textures.

Edit: Hmm I wonder if there is a need for that texture at all, cause now I've noticed that there is steel rocket launcher done by Plague before....

Download .zip (8799 kb)

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