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Submitted 2009-11-10 by BootGuyJoe (updated 2009-11-15), original author: Joseph "BootGuyJoe" Hanley



I've made some improvements to my original conback. Rather than replace the old one, I've decided to let you choose which one you like better.

Edit: If you downloaded this file earlier than 11/11/2009, re-download it! I accidentally uploaded the original widescreen conback instead! Apologies!

- Contrast between dark and light spots evened out
- Slightly less cracks visible
- Even more faithful than the original

Installation Instructions: unzip the contents to your QW directory, and add 'bgj_001.pak' to your pak.lst.

Feedback is encouraged. Enjoy! :)

Download .zip (1408 kb)

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Bubby (2009-11-18)

Hmmm, think I like orig better, this looks too "flat" to me. The orig is by far the best I've ever seen (IMO of course).

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