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Submitted 2009-10-17 by _KaszpiR_ (updated 2009-11-14), original author: PrimeviL remade by _KaszpiR_



Title: Filled Simple Items
Type: Bmodels / Models
Size: 1600x900, other resolutions not tested, so experience may vary

Author: Michal Sochon
Nickname: _KaszpiR_
Contact: or _KaszpiR_ @ quakenet

Date: 2009.11.14, 22:50
Version: 1.2
License: Creative Commons

Format: .tga, source .psd

Changed yellow nailgun to blue nailgun, in the style as sng.
Added pink nailgun and nail boxes.
Remake of PrimeviL's images.
Filled health and ammo pack with colour.
Changed a bit nails and shells icon.

Filled insides with black color - otherwise it looked like crap.

Increased size of armors.

Cyan rocket texture gratis.


Download .zip (321 kb)

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There are 3 comments on this item.

player (2009-11-10)

they are soooo ugly

_KaszpiR_ (2010-01-23)

show me your pic, and I will judge your appearance :D

jammh (2010-11-15)

guys plz tell me?how to post my files here,i have many things u'll like

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