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Submitted 2009-10-08 by _KaszpiR_



Title: Shadow Menu Cursor and Menu Chars
Type: Other
Size: 1600x900, other resolutions not tested, so experience may vary

Author: Michal Sochon
Nickname: _KaszpiR_
Contact: or _KaszpiR_ @ quakenet

Date: 2009.10.08, 22:15
Version: 1.0
License: Creative Commons

Format: Mixed, png, windows bitmap, Adobe Photoshop CS4 .psd files.


Well, original nQuake menu is nice, but for me it lacks the shadows.
Additionally I've added black stroke around the chars, so that it is a bit better visible.

Install - copy the 'quake' folder contents to your Quake install dir, doh.

Had to slightly rescale Q, G, H letters to they would not drop shadows on other letters.

I provide source .psd I used, maybe someone will want to alter it.

Download .zip (3088 kb)

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AAS (2009-10-09)


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