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Submitted 2009-09-05 by JohnNy_cz (updated 2009-09-05), original author: maybe trickle?



vwplayer.mdl is required if you want vweps to work and I wasn't able to find it here on gfx in any other upload, so uploading it here; i don't know the author nor license, sorry :/ just guessing it's Trickle
you need this + http://gfx.quakeworld.nu/details/238/ to get vweps to work

Download .zip (84 kb)

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JohnNy_cz (2009-09-05)

Don't mind the ugly screenshot, in reality 24bit skins can be used :)

Trickle (2009-09-08)

I'm actually not the author, but this is basically the player.mdl minus the pseudo cannon and axe objects. I think oldman made this if I'm not mistaken

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