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Submitted 2009-08-31 by BootGuyJoe (updated 2013-04-02), original author: Joseph 'BootGuyJoe' Hanley



After some time in limbo, my simple-item-ish gwep models are available for download. Great for those of you who like the clarity of simple items, but still prefer a totally 3D environment.

UPDATE: But for those of you who actually prefer 2D, the pak now includes actual simple item sprites!

- All gweps replaced
- Rune-like textures fit the QuakeWorld theme
- Low to the ground - doesn't obstruct view
- Easy to see, easy to identify

Installation Instructions: unzip the contents to your QW directory, and add 'bgjGWEP.pak' to your pak.lst. To use the simple items, set 'gl_simpleitems' to 1.

Feedback is encouraged. Enjoy! :)

Download .zip (1169 kb)

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mushi (2009-09-09)

looks like damn fine job to me!

GALENGODIS (2010-05-18)

are these allowed in eql?

ezqqqq (2011-01-12)

someone should make 2d simpleitem textures, way better than those coloured ones bleee :<

ridehard (2012-05-02)

love these models. Hope they would do the rest of the items and powerups

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