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Submitted 2009-07-10 by BootGuyJoe (updated 2013-04-02), original author: Joey 'BootGuyJoe' Hanley



April 1st 2013: UPDATED TO HD! 1920 X 1080!

I noticed there were very little widescreen conbacks available, so I made one myself. It's faithful remake of the original, and suits the game quite nicely.

Simply extract bgjCON.pak to you QW directory, and add it to your pak.lst

Download .zip (2543 kb)

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5hi7h34d (2009-07-22)

Awesome, thankyou!

gnarkilz (2011-07-17)

Very beautiful, as in simple, to the point, clean and slick :)

M4CGYV3R (2012-06-08)

Really nice, thank you!

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