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Submitted 2008-10-04 by ljuglampa



Warmer, kind of an early morning type of light for ztndm3. Most noticeable in YA room and GA room where there were almost no colored light at all before.
Put ztn3lit.pak and pak.lst in qw dir directly, overwriting the old pak.lst. If you want the old lights back, just remove ztn3lit.pak (don't remove pak.lst).

Download .zip (49 kb)

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Trickle (2008-10-04)

nice job! I love how you made the lit match with the skybox(endset if I'm not mistaken). I think you should include the skybox with a readme.txt telling players to put skygroup endset ztndm3 in autoexec.cfg or something.

ljuglampa (2008-10-11)

Good idea Trickle, and now you\'ve told everybody how you do it so.. here\'s the endset skybox:


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