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Submitted 2008-08-23 by Trickle (updated 2008-09-02), original author: Plague, PrimeviL, & Ruohis modified by Trickle



Here is the whole package! this includes the new sg and nail gun models! as well as the optional w_axe 24-bit texture from PrimeeviL's player model texture. Enjoy! 8/29/08 - fixed the massive file size of the models by saving the weapons in a newer qME

9/2/08 - final release!

Download .zip (1936 kb)

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jOn (2008-08-24)

Nice. But i dont know if im gonna use it since i use 1 or 2 color fullbrights :)

Aquashark (2008-08-24)


megalodon (2008-09-03)


mushi (2008-09-26)

looking great, congrats!

Empezar (2008-10-03)

Added to nQuake.

Govik (2009-03-06)

How do I get this working? on ezquake? I placed it into the quake folder like it said and it isn't working.

Trickle (2009-03-08)

you need to go on servers that have vwep enabled or view them on mvds. they also work on QuakeTV.

Elvis Victims FFA was the most popular dm server with vweps enabled and its down for good afaik

but there's still two servers, both I vweped extra for. - Weenieville Painkeep - [Amnesia] MegaTF Co-Op Server

idk what other servers have it now, I'm currently working with the Thunderwalker guys and their main server is going them enabled.

Trickle (2009-03-08)

is going to have them enabled.*

Govik (2009-03-08)

I have a quakeworld server running how do I enable them on my server?

Trickle (2009-03-08)

I'm answering your question right now on :P

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