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Submitted 2008-07-09 by deus, original author: n30g3n3s1s



This fantastic shotgun model was converted from md3 to mdl by Vb of besmella-quake.com. He also made it popular by featuring it in many of his quite awesome tricking movies. To pimp your quake with this, drop the .tga file into /qw/textures/ and the .mdl into /qw/progs/ Make sure you don't already have files of the same name in any of these directories:
(thx Aquashark)

Download .zip (300 kb)

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There are 3 comments on this item.

Intocavel (2008-07-10)

it is corrupt file..

Intocavel (2008-07-10)

it is OK. Sorry! Very nice model!

Herb (2008-07-22)

Sweet! I've been looking for this for decades. :D

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