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Submitted 2008-05-03 by senft (updated 2008-05-03)



High quality (max. 1024x768) levelshots for dm2,dm3,e1m2,dm4,dm6,ztndm3,aerowalk. Put them in "ezQuake/qw/textures/levelshots".
If they are too dark try this slighty brighter version: http://shub-hub.com/files/gfx/levelshots_brighter.zip

Download .zip (1596 kb)

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There are 3 comments on this item.

mushi (2008-05-05)

me likes!!

foe (2008-05-13)

definitely needs inclusion in nquake

empezar (2008-05-17)

just an idea: put the maps' names in the lower right corner of the images. like "E1M2 - Castle of the Damned"

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