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Submitted 2008-02-21 by ljuglampa



I've always had a hard time seeing when I've taken damage or when I'm low on health in a chaotic battle. I've used these face replacements forever and they are quite clear and work nicely for me.

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Up2nOgOoD[ROCK] (2008-02-21)

what are the first 3 boxes

ljuglampa (2008-02-22)

That's full health (all white), taking damage (all red) and damage level 2. The white box becomes smaller the less health you got.

mushi (2008-02-22)

thanks for sharing:)

shaga (2008-02-29)

Nice. Gonna try these out. :)

ruskie (2008-03-02)

what about ammoimages, 'spam' 'conserve' etc :)

ljuglampa (2008-03-03)

there's no way to do that.. those images are the same at all time..

Binya (2008-03-17)

can u remove the ! please...

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