Trickle's new b_eshel0 textures for Painkeep

Textures / Trickle's new b_eshel0 textures for Painkeep

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Submitted 2008-02-15 by Trickle (updated 2008-07-17), original author: Moon[Drunk] & [ROCK] modified by Trickle



enjoy this new hot explosive ammo box for Painkeep! =]

Download .zip (370 kb)

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SH! (2008-02-15)


mushi (2008-02-15)

nice work
hardly noone plays painkeep anymore...
CTF needs remodelling. How about making a new hook model and flags? and maybe runes?... would be great for ctf lovers! at least someone plays it
please... :)

Trickle (2008-02-16)

I semi-agree with you...but there is only one really fun active ctf server. The TWCreeper one(so addicting to play on) and there is still two Painkeep servers that are active every once in a while. sometimes Weenieville will have 6 or so players. as for re-textured CTF stuff? I can post some of my favorites from other authors =]

Trickle (2008-02-16)

errm upload I mean =]

Trickle (2008-02-16)

actually dude, just go here!

Woods made a lot of amazing textures and lits for maps. he even did 24-bit flags and hooks

mushi (2008-02-18)

ahah! nice one
ill update now

what you said regarding servers its true for NA :) not for european ones :)

mushi (2008-02-18)

ill upload some of that stuff here.
i assume woods is the original author

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