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Submitted 2008-02-02 by Trickle (updated 2008-02-03), original author: Moon[Drunk] modified by Trickle



for those of you who got the latest ezquake 1.8.3 and then updated to the latest ezquake 1.9 test build. you'll notice a longer menu, thats because it looks for this new png file called mcharset. I didn't find it very fitting with the surrounding eyecandy, so I messed around with it as much as I can and now it looks beautiful! apparently, Moon[Drunk] was the original author and I apologize for not giving him the credit at first. sorry Moon[Drunk], had no idea who did it. =]

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Up2nOgOoD[ROCK] (2008-02-03)

original author: Trickle

are you serious?

Please NEVER again put your name falsely as the original author.

And yes, a polished one has already been planned.

Trickle (2008-02-03)

you have to admit, my polished version is pretty damn nice huh? ;o0

Giblets (2008-02-21)

Sorry but the original looks much better.

Trickle (2008-03-14)

I thought it looked too bright compared to the other stuff

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