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Submitted 2007-12-19 by Trickle (updated 2008-08-22), original author: Plague modified by Trickle



you can now play on vwep enabled servers with plague's amazing rocket launcher! 24-bit texture included! *update* 12/19/07 - fixed excessive wobbling and positioning when standing. I have recently rescaled this model so both of the players hands can hold it. I'll post an update on here when its ready for download =] so I am having a lot of trouble with positioning, but it seems a lot of you love this anyways so, have fun until I can make it perfectly fitting! =] 8/14/08 - final

Download .zip (764 kb)

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mushi (2008-02-07)

nice indeed!

profile (2008-11-10)

can tou make silver w_rock?
like this

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