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Submitted 2007-11-19 by phren (updated 2007-11-21), original author: dobbz



Dobbz hud.. but i can't find the rocket "splash" picture..

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rFOUR (2007-11-23)

it's corrupt...plz upload again :)

PlaZmaZ (2007-11-25)

It's not. Phren just uploaded the .rar as a .zip again. Rename to .rar, use winrar, etc.

phren (2007-11-29)

yea, winzip sucks, just rename it!

fAkkFejz (2009-11-12)

quote: the rocket "splash" picture..
i guess u mean the BooM!! sprites?
they're in a pak.0.pak file /textures/sprites
have a peek:
And you have to use this cmds in console:
r_explosiontype 1
gl_part_explosion 0

R00k (2010-08-09)

rename to .7z it\'s a 7zip file

R00k (2010-08-09)

rename to .7z it\'s a 7zip file

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