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Submitted 2007-11-04 by Mick, original author: ID Software



Some sounds for the O3 Models Pack

Download .zip (898 kb)

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Kapitan Kloze (2007-11-05)

Very nice, thx.

pdawgy (2008-09-28)

would love to know where to put it

megalodon (2008-11-22)


You can place the sounds you would like to replace your original quake sounds in: qwsound


To have a different rocketlauncher sound I put the "sgun1.wav" into:

The zip file already has the correct file structure, so you can also just unzip it to the qwsound directory and then delete the sounds you don't want to use.

Hope that helps :)

megalodon (2008-11-22)

Oh and in between the "qw sound" there should be a backslash... but for some reason this website doesn't show them.

AAS (2008-11-26)

And where is Q3 models pack?

Pdawgy (2009-04-14)

Thanks Megalodon

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