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Submitted 2007-08-18 by purplehaze (updated 2007-08-22), original author: n/a



The images are 2048x2048 pixels!
Not sure where this is from. I renamed the files, and rotated the images to work with Quake. I also made the images darker so they would look nicer with a gamma of around 0.7 And yes I copied PrimeviL's style, its nice!

Download .zip (11244 kb)

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PlaZmaZ (2007-08-21)

omg it's so beautiful

i think i'll be too distracted but trying it anyways ;p

Renzo (2007-08-21)

Repacking the textures using RLE compression reduces the size required from 6*12MB=72MB to 25,6MB. Reducing the size to 1024*1024 and using RLE compression further decreases the size to mere 8MB.

purplehaze (2007-08-22)

cool. its lossless compression too, thanks renzo

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