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Submitted 2007-08-17 by purplehaze (updated 2007-08-17), original author: not sure!



its the best crosshair ever because it has a black border, with an inside color (that you can change), so it shows up easily under any possible condition . I wish i knew the author, he's genius.

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PlaZmaZ (2007-08-23)

Uh, that black border is gray in some areas D:?

purplehaze (2007-08-23)

perhaps you have crosshair alpha on?

miarf (2007-08-23)

looks like crosshair-iron-twincolor

PlaZmaZ (2007-08-23)

that's clearly a problem with the crosshairimage and not the alpha ;p

purplehaze (2007-08-24)


i see now. if the crosshair image is distorted from its original dimensions, (width , height) then you will notice oddities like that. this can also be seen using the engines built in crosshairs, for example "crosshair 2". it seems the crosshairs have sweet spots, where certain values of "crosshairsize" will not distort the image.

i was able to reproduce the problem you are seeing then resolve it by changing the "crosshairsize" value (in EzQuake).

purplehaze (2007-08-24)

forget all that, it looks like crosshaircolor is actually affecting the border as well. i noticed that all single values for "crosshaircolor" ex. "10" or "90" keeps a nice black border. as soon as i choose a multiple value such as "255 255 255" using the RGB code, it affects the border as well.

purplehaze (2007-08-24)

try both of those suggestions (comment editing would be nice)

PlaZmaZ (2007-08-24)

Nope. The image is clearly not distorted in the screenshot I provided and just tried the crosshaircolor. I don't plan on using this crosshair (I don't have a problem seeing inter's green crosshairs anywhere) but it would be nice to know what is wrong with this.

miarf (2007-08-26)

the border shows as gray when i'm using omega drivers and black when using ati's own radeon drivers - go figure

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